About TAFS

Mission and strategy

The mission of the TAFS forum is to make a major contribution to on-going efforts aimed at ensuring the safety of food and building and preserving consumer confidence in food safety.

We strive to provide an international and independent platform to be shared by all the different sectors of the food chain – the food industry, consumer representatives, regulators, retailers, restaurateurs, and scientists – leading to the dissemination of reliable information concerning the epidemiology, prevention and management of zoonotic diseases.

Our strategy is to:

  • Establish a dialogue among stakeholders, through expert meetings, conferences, publications, websites and other electronic communications.
  • Initiate a communications network encompassing the entire food chain.
  • Synthesize information and disseminate it to the stakeholders.
  • Identify, and strive to eliminate, knowledge gaps in research, perception, preventive measures, and practices.
  • Establish guidelines for risk reduction.