March 1, 2013

The TAFS assessment of paratuberculosis in the food chain

July 1, 2009

TAFS Recommended Risk Management Plan for Paratuberculosis

November 1, 2007

TAFS/FAO/OIE Workshop on Paratuberculosis/MaP

November 26 - 28, 2007 Unterägeri, Switzerland

The TAFS Forum, in collaboration with FAO and OIE, organized a 2 ½ day workshop on bovine Paratuberculosis (pTB) / Johne’s disease (JD) and its etiological agent (Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis –MaP).

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To present facts about JD as an animal health issue in order to increase the awareness on the current knowledge and its gaps about the disease, particularly diagnostic tools, epidemiology and risk management in animal populations.
  • To determine the gaps along the food chain from a risk management perspective (both by public and private sectors) on possible food safety risks related to JD.
  • To discuss and possibly identify a consensus among the participants on the needs to prevent and control paratuberculosis in animals and to continue research in this field.

Presentations given at the workshop:

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