April 14, 2023

TAFS Update March 2023 – new Foot and Mouth disease virus strains detected in Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan

The emergence of FMD viral strains outside of their original pools is a challenge for regional livestock production systems due to the lack of cross-immunity between viral serotypes, which may result in a lack of herd immunity for the emerging FMD viral strain, even in regions where there is control through vaccination. These events, highlight the importance emergency preparedness, establishing an early disease detection system and regular review and adjustment of vaccine matching.

The most recent events related to FMD serotype jumps in Jordan and Iraq prompted FAO to issue an emergency alert in order to prepare countries in the Middle East and West-Eurasia for an eventual incursion of FMD SAT-2, which has only been detected in the region on rare occasions.

Please find attached an overview of recent events in Egypt and the Middle East related to FMD viral strain jumps and the challenges these may represent.

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